As well as artwork for walls and canvas, Nozzle and Brush also offer eye catching paint work / sign writing for banger and stock car racing cars. We offer 2 styles of work

for cars, traditional style by brush and air brush and a cheaper spray painted style.


'Traditional' style is perfect for those meetings you really want to have a perfect car to show off, World and British finals, man of the midlands, Civil war, memorial meetings etc. Prices are from £110 depending upon location (we are Midlands based). Max 2 cars in a day

'Spray Painted' style is a quicker but equally as visually pleasing alternative to the traditional sign writing style of painting banger racing cars. We can paint multiple cars in one day, a great way to get the team ready for the next meeting or get you and your mates racing in matching designs and styles. Spray paint is also great for producing character images on bonnets etc. We can also paint directly onto original paint work, like the hearse pictured below, saving you time and money.

Using Spray paint I also have the advantage of being able to paint already damaged and dented panels and bring a new lease of life to an old car, something traditional brush techniques would struggle with. I can spray these without electricity, under tents, sheds etc or, on good weather days, outside.

Spray painted cars cost (depending on location) £80 a car, £120 for 2 cars, 3 cars £150 (just £50 each) further discounts for more cars. West midlands based but will travel for a good days work!

                                                  Contact: 07805336518