Mural work is perfect for gyms, bright, motivating, eye catching and great for photos and promoting your brand on social media. from boxing gyms, cross fit, personal training studios, logos on your shutters, we can do it all.

8 limbs muay thai gym part 2

8 Limbs Muay Thai gym part 2

Geometric Serena Williams

Geometric Serena Williams - P.T studio

NJB Thai Boxing Academy

Large gym mural in Birmingham

Mcgreggor details

The notorious!

Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall Portrait

Squat King!_edited
Mayweather gym mural

Big and beautiful!

8 Limbs Muay Thai Gym
Big Dorian

A big Big Mr Yates!

Tyson vs Joshua

The dream fight (if it ever happens!)


Dorian Yates Portrait

Lions den gym

McGreggor, Arnie and Tyson

Young Arnie



Flex off!

Hulk smash! Big!!

Giant Hulk smash! Lions Den P.T studio and gym

Body Flex

Body Pose

Logo for Golden Gloves Boxing Gym

Golden gloves boxing gym logo

The Gym Joint, Bourne End

The gym joint internal shutter

NJB Thaiboxing Birmingham

Thai boxing gym shutter

Boom! 12ft boxer at The lions den gym

12ft high boxer on corrugated metal

Physique Evolution Gym

outdoor gym shutter logo

Front shutter

Gym entrance

Thai boxer image

Thai boxing knee striike!


Apollo body builders gym, Birmingham