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Custom Murals, Bespoke Bedrooms

Nozzle and Brush design and paint custom murals, bespoke bedrooms and canvasses. We are based in Birmingham, England but offer our services across the U.K.

We have 20+ years spray paint and illustration experience and are degree qualified in graphic design. All jobs are individually designed so pricing varies upon the complexity of the design, size of wall or canvas and the amount of time and paint needed. Custom canvasses are available from £35 and murals from £100. For floor to ceiling, full colour murals, a rough guide is £20 per m2 but, as mentioned earlier, all work is individually designed and priced.

Please get in touch for a FREE QUOTE, and include as much information as possible, your ideas, some images you like or have seen, wall size (height and width) and location.

For mural / bedroom works a deposit of £50 will be required to confirm a booking date. Canvasses may require pre payment.

For more examples of work please visit my instagram page @nozzleandbrush or facebook @nozzle and brush or follow the links on this page.


How much does it cost?

Every piece of artwork is different, depending on the size, complexity, amount of paint, location etc. A very, very rough guide is around £250 for a full day (including materials) but the best option is to message me with a picture of the space / wall, postcode and ideas and I can prepare a quote for you.

What areas do you cover? 

I'm based in Birmingham but will travel anywhere within the U.K but travel costs and possible hotel costs will need to be taken into consideration.

When are you available?

My diary changes weekly, I try and not book for miles in advance and have a massive waiting time, at the most a few weeks, but the best option is to call me to find out my current availability.

Can you paint on any surface?

Pretty much but some surfaces take and hold the paint better than others. Interior walls are amazing, glass on the other hand might flake off over time, best thing is ask me in advance. Brick walls need an undercoat to be at their best, plasterboard would need an undercoat. You would need to do this in advance.

Will I fix or clean your wall / surface?

I will paint on what ever surface you give me, if it needs cleaning, such as a shutter or there is flaking paint on the wall, you need to address this before I arrive as I am only a mural artist not a cleaner or wall repairer.

Can you paint any design?

Yes within reason with the right planning and design. Photorealistic faces and portraits can't be to small though as there is only so small we can get great detail using spray paint. But its very rare that I can't come up with a design for you.

Does it smell?

Unfortunately spray paint does smell. I do however use a large extractor for indoor work which minimises the fumes and I always wear a professional spray mask. For bedrooms I would suggest no one sleeps in the room for 24 hrs and to ventilate it during that time. I do also paint with paint brush and acrylic paint which doesn't smell. This is a more labour intensive process but can give finer details, just ask me and i'll be happy to advise you.

Do you need me to be there all day?

No, once we have had a quick chat I can be left to get creative! If its an indoor job I will need electricity and access to a window or external door for my extractor fan(s).

Mayweather gym mural

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